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Puppy Planet Made an Appearance at the AIBC Summit 2022 Event held in Dubai

Puppy Planet is a full-fledged Digital Creatures Galactic platform that runs on the Abey Chain. Puppy Planet is a system that connects NFT games with applications for decentralized yield farms. The company recently attended the AIBC Summit 2022 in Dubai.

This event along with the Crypto Expo Event is considered one of the most conspicuous and important events that are held in relation to crypto and blockchain technology.

The Vision of the Puppy Planet

  • To Earn, Play

Users are rewarded for their participation and pleasure. A Metaverse that combines Decentralized Finance as well as Games to create an ecosystem that brings together developers, players, but also collectors in one place.

  • Players are the owners

Players regain full control over their in-game assets. Assets earned in games are owned by the player as well as spend eternity on the blockchain kudos to the power of NFTs.

  • NFTs get a boost in terms of value

Assets are transferable across the ecosystem. Assets can be used in multiple games at the same time thanks to a focus on NFT connectivity, opening up a whole world of fun.

Puppy Planet’s next goal is to complete the Metaverse, users can customize their own NFTs and buy/sell land on the open globe.

Metaverse of Puppy

Make one’s own Decentralized Autonomous Guild and organize it. Start the Puppy community, share NFT resources, grow one‘s treasury, and also have fun and earn together with the help of trustless Smart Contracts.

Creator of video games

In the Puppy Metaverse, you can quickly launch the blockchain game. Game developers to take advantage of everything that the Puppy Metaverse has to offer, such as the free-to-play but also play-to-earn ecosystems, NFT Marketplaces, Puppy NFTs, and much more.

Puppy Planet would be the first ecosystem to bring together the best elements of gaming as well as digital collectibles, converting it into a digital creature multiverse.

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