Sunday, December 3, 2023

Innovative Blockchain Gaming Platform Puppy Planet was Spotted at the AIBC Malta Event

Deployed on the popular ABEYCHAIN, Puppy Planet is considered one of the most innovative blockchain gaming platforms that are loaded with a vision to look out for building a gaming economy that amalgamates the best of NFT and Defi concepts.

The platform was recently exhibited at the AIBC Malta event, the event which has a lot of significance due to the presence of all the leading and emerging businesses surrounding technology, cryptocurrency, and blockchain.

The event serves as a platform or better say, a stage for those who are flooded with ideas in their minds and are in search of people to collaborate and reap the best out of the technological advancements in today’s era.

Powered by the utility token PUP, the players on the gaming platform are allowed to swap their NFTs in exchange for PUP tokens which can then be exchanged for fiat currencies, provided that the exchange is supported.

Puppy Planet’s PUP Token’s Significance in the Gaming Field

Well, along with this, we should keep note of the fact that PUP tokens serve the purpose of unlocking new pups, buying new features from the in-game shop, and serving as rewards for its staking pool.

Another key takeaway of the Puppy Planet innovative blockchain gaming platform is that it is a complete platform of Digital Creatures Universe live on the popular ABEYCHAIN. Well, ABEYCHAIN is a leading public chain that is implementing a secure PoW + DPoS hybrid consensus.

In addition to this, it should be noted that Puppy Planet is all set to issue a total of 180 million PUP tokens, with 90 million of those set aside for game-mining on either farm and battlefield environments. Around 50% of the revenue from official shop transactions is being reinvested in a mining pool in the name of PLAYER rewards.

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