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Put these four cryptocurrencies on your radar in September


We have shortlisted these 4 digital currencies to watch out for this month. The crypto arena has witnessed some rough times, but things appeared to be improving in August this year and have got the crypto investors excited.

  1. OMG or OMG Network

OMG works with targets and banks to make products, which demand equal to current banking. The aim of OMG is to create a wallet, which can be used by people to transfer any type of asset among various payment platforms. These include payment points, cryptocurrencies, and traditional cash.

  1. ADA or Cardano

Cardano’s price went up by 100% in August this year. However, September also seems to be a major month for this virtual coin, which requires utilizing blockchain for resolving real-world issues. ADA is slated to launch its smart contract feature on September 12.

  1. VET or VeChain

The value of VET went up by 40 percent in August this year. VeChain utilizes blockchain technology for streamlining corporate procedures, as well as, monitor every phase of the supply chain. The cryptocurrency has a collaboration with Walmart for tracking food products at all steps of the delivery and manufacturing process.

  1. HNT or Helium

The firm likes to call it the “People’s Network” and combines Wi-Fi and blockchain. HNT can provide 5G connectivity throughout the world that lack similar prices linked to conventional telecoms infrastructure. Helium’s hotspot looks slightly similar to the Wi-Fi router in a house. However, it is much more powerful than the ordinary router.

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