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PYMNTS app sees growing database as its Cryptocurrency ranking algorithm impresses investors


The Provider Ranking of Cryptocurrency Apps is a ranking algorithm on the PYMNTS apps that’s incredibly handy for crypto investors. It allows crypto investors to see the most highly-rated cryptocurrency platforms on the basis of the discounts and rewards provided by them. Here’s how the platforms have fared in the latest rankings released by the PYMNTS app.

At No. 10, two apps share the space – Bitpay and Bittrex. While Bitpay is making its re-entry into the top 10, Bittrex is a brand new entrant.

At No. 9, there’s the OKEx app, while the 8th spot on the rankings goes to Kraken Pro, which has been pegged back in the rankings but still retains a top 10 position.

At No. 7, there are three platforms huddled together -BitMart, CEX.IO, and Huobi.

At No. 6, there’s the BlockFi app, which occupies a higher position than last time around, when it was 8th on the rankings.

No. 5 is taken up by the Gemini app, which was previously at No. 2.

At No. 4, KuCoin also drops down from its position on the previous rankings.

The Voyager crypto app retains its No. 3 position from the last time around.

At No. 2, there’s the Blockchain Wallet, which moves up by two spots on the rankings.

At No. 1, there’s tight competition between three of the biggest crypto exchanges on the planet – Coinbase, Binance, and

The three names that are occupying the No. 1 position can be expected to stay there because they offer the most feature-rich platforms to crypto users and investors.

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