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Starting in Q4, Facebook will break out results for its augmented/virtual reality division


Facebook (a big multinational company owned by Mark Zuckerberg) is all set to break the results of the fourth quarter for the augmented division. This decision has been taken keeping in mind the growth of the company in the future in this technologically driven world. The company will report its segments after diving into two structures. The first structure will include the FOA (family of apps) and the other will include the augmented division related content.

Facebook’s reason to shift to break the results

Facebook has mentioned several times the dedication for the development of various products and services related to augmented division. These developments are necessary as they play an important role in enhancing the experience of social media for the coming generation. These steps will give much more exposure to the investments and reality labs of Facebook. As per Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the reality labs of Facebook is not turning out to be one of the most promising investments made by the platform. Also, these investments do not show the sign of getting better in the coming time. Therefore, the company has decided to break the results to focus the core growth and improve the overall online experience.

The company’s data got leaked by one of the employees

Facebook is the largest tech company that exists in the world. The decision to build a unique metaverse has been taken after a sudden leak of the data by one of their own employees of the company. Therefore, the fourth quarter will be a good watch period for these schemes to be executed.

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