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QenteX Was spotted at the Prestigious Crypto Expo Dubai

We cannot deny the fact that cryptocurrencies are the upcoming future of transactions. You’ve probably figured it out by now, with many celebrities and known personalities mentioning it on their social media. Cryptocurrency is essentially a sort of digital money.

While you can digitally manage and transfer traditional currencies (such as the US dollar), this is not the same as holding cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are distinct because they are a decentralized and democratic alternative to government-issued currency.

Crypto fanatics are growing in number with each day passing by. But the world never leaves to amaze them, so there are an increased number of crypto-based events throughout the globe. One such event is Crypto Expo Dubai which took place on 16-17 March.

QenteX is a crypto exchange platform that was present at the event, not just present, but they could be spotted in Booth No. 28 and were also one of the nine silver sponsors of the event.

How does QenteX work?

Qenetex was founded on the concept that financial services should not be reliant on political shifts or conservative economic models but rather should be self-governing and open to everybody. This is majorly the reason why it has boomed in these past years.

The sole objective of it is to enable individuals to freely exchange goods and services, giving them the freedom to make their own financial decisions and use their assets at any time, wherever in the world.

As per the CEO and co-founder of QenteX, it is a product ecosystem that includes a wallet, DEX, dApp platform, NFT pool, and marketplace as well. Of course! All in one.

Wrapping up with the significant idea behind it is to create a connection between digital assets and the actual economy in order to bridge the gap between them. The Qenetex wallet is a decentralized hybrid wallet that provides a safe and convenient way to store, send, and receive money.

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