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Quantum Miami 2023- Polygon: Top Ethereum Scaling Network.


Quantum Miami offers a platform for individuals who take risks beyond what others consider safe and highlights those who aspire to achieve greater goals than others deem practical.

This event brings together numerous bright crypto investors and blockchain pioneers worldwide to gather in Miami and learn about the latest developments, popular trends, and successful strategies in Crypto, Blockchain, and Web3.


Polygon is a layer-two scaling solution for the Ethereum network to enhance its functionality and usability. In 2017, Polygon was introduced to resolve Ethereum network issues, such as high costs, lengthy transaction times, and constrained scalability.

Using Polygon, users can carry out quicker and less expensive transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. Polygon provides several services that enhance the Ethereum network’s functionality and enable interoperability with other blockchain networks.


Polygon POS 

Polygon POS Chain is a fast and secure Ethereum sidechain that enables users to conduct transactions with low fees and high speed. It offers compatibility with other blockchain networks and supports the same functionalities as the Ethereum network.

Polygon SDK 

Polygon SDK is a framework that enables developers to create their own sidechains and decentralized applications (dApps) on top of the Polygon network.  It provides developers with an easy-to-use environment to create and distribute dApps.

Polygon Plasma

In the Ethereum network, Polygon Plasma uses a hierarchical tree architecture to enable quicker and less expensive transactions. Users can perform transactions and work with smart contracts in a secure, decentralized environment.

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