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Quantum Miami Conference Set to Thaw Crypto Winter January 25 – 27th 2023.

Quantum Miami, the official flagship event of Miami Blockchain Week, set to take place on January 25 – 27th in 2023 at the James L. Knight Center will feature crypto futurists, global investors, Web3 founder and industry celebrities among others. The two-day event is the talk of the town as the global cryptocurrency industry seeks to thaw the ongoing crypto winter that has consumed the sector for most of 2022.

Harry Yeh, chairman of Quantum Events, Managing Director of Quantum Fintech Group and Founder of $LIF3, said the event will emerge as the biggest crypto investor conference to date. It will address the current global economic market and the investment opportunities in today’s evolving Web3 space. Yeh believes that the best crypto investors and blockchain entrepreneurs know that great fortunes are born in bear markets. As such, Quantum Miami will bring together the most successful industry pioneers, Web3 revolutionaries and brilliant minds who are currently shaping and shifting the future of blockchain technology, such as Andre Cronje – the Godfather DeFi.

Frances X. Suarez, Miami Mayor, said the two-day event is not just a conference, but a live incubator of real, future-shaping blockchain projects. Jason Kamen, CEO of Quantum Events, they are laser-focused on providing the right platform for the forward thinking and disruptive Web3 projects to evolve and expand. He said event participants and attendees will hear new ideas and insights from thought leaders from around the world and network with innovators and investors responsible for shaping the future of the Web3 space.

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