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Quicknode, an infrastructure platform, has raised $35 million in Series A funding


Quicknode is a blockchain platform that makes the time-consuming process of integrating with blockchain infrastructure. The demand of this platform has shot up considerably as crypto as well as blockchain technology became more popular.

Funds Raised

Led by Tiger Global along with various other parties, Quicknode announced $35 million funding in Series A. Series A financing or funding refers to the first stage in building up a fund. This step is usually taken for or by startups to kick-start their business.

The Numbers

The importance of Quicknode and it’s substantial rise in popularity is apparent in the numbers. Quicknode caters to over 2 billion requests every day by almost 20,000 developers spread across four continents. After Quicknode’s seed round, the total capital has been raised to 45 million dollars.

The services that Quicknode offers include elastic APIs, powerful nodes and complex analytics. Along with this, they have a very user-friendly UI that helps their users gain more control over their developments. It’s quite clear that as the popularity of crypto grows, platforms like Quicknode will gain traction. Quicknode, as of today is one of the most famous platforms that incorporates blockchain technology. Made famous by Bitcoin, it is one of the most-used technology behind crypto. However, with cryptocurrencies like Helium, that is changing. Nevertheless, platforms like Quicknode will not go down even if cryptocurrencies lose their current popularity.

Only time will tell how much Quicknode will grow in its business endeavors.

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