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Rapper Tyga launches Ethereum based ‘Myystar’ to provide greater freedom to content creators


The popular content-sharing platform OnlyFans announced that it will take off all the adult content from its website by October. This move affects many content creators who use the platform to earn a living by selling pornographic content.

Rapper Tyga is also harmed by this recent development. Tyga strongly supported the platform, which became a hotbed for upcoming adult models and entertainers. In fact, the rapper even started his own adult modeling agency called Too Raww, in an attempt to help the pornographic entertainers on OnlyFans.

Back with a Vengeance

Tyga announced on his Instagram handle that he has quit OnlyFans. In an act of spite, the rapper announced the launch of his own content-sharing platform, Myystar. This will rival OnlyFans and beat it with its openness to adult content. Myystar will also allow the content creators on its platform to earn more while delivering a higher quality experience to the viewers. OnlyFans used to take a 20% cut from the earnings of its creators. Tyga’s platform will only take a 10% commission, offering more money to the creators.

Using Cryptocurrency

The biggest highlight of this ordeal is that Myystar will be built on the Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency network. The content creators on Myystar will be able to list and sell their work as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). According to Tyga, many pornographic actors and sex workers earn their living from OnlyFans. The new ban will shatter their lives.

The Myystar platform is already up. Interested users can sign up now. But the official launch will happen in October after OnlyFans completely removes all adult content from its domain.

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