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Rebecca Ferguson, star of Dune, appears in a crypto-centric television commercial

The industry of digital assets has been trying to attract more and more audiences to spread information about trading and investing in cryptocurrencies. The industry has also promoted many commercials to aware the audience of this new trend. Tv stars and celebrities have started to make their appearances in these commercials which excites the customers on a large platform. Rebecca Ferguson was also seen in one of the commercials which promoted digital assets i.e., Cryptocurrency. The market of cryptocurrency is yet to be explored by many people. Also, the exchanges that are involved in the trading and investing of these cryptocurrencies also spend on these commercials to aware people.

“Cooper”, an exchange that launched all-new commercials in media

It becomes easy for the customers to relate to the name when they have heard it somewhere or has a slight idea about it. The exchanges dealing with cryptocurrency also has started to follow the same trend with the financial awareness. Cooper is all set to launch its new commercial which has featured the “Dune star”. The commercial will be launched along with the new business which will include many other elements.

The business model is unique and serves the purpose of the customers

Cooper is not a small company which deals with a small lot of customers. The company offers their customer one of the best solutions for digital assets and includes a good number of clients of institutions. The clients that they have includes a variety of customers and offer them to buy and store the asset

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