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Redlight Finance Showed Up at the Crypto Expo 2022 Event

Redlight Token District began as a Telegram-based cryptocurrency promotion/discussion group, giving not just promotions but also assisting users in better understanding the market and what to watch for and avoid.

They began by evaluating projects and providing AMAs in exchange for whitelist slots to those they liked but quickly realized that there was much more fun to be had on chains other than BSC. After investing in multiple Node Farms on the Avalanche Blockchain (AVAX), they quickly discovered flaws in their sustainability strategies, prompting us to take action.

They were lucky enough to have a VIP group consisting of a lot of developers and other creative persons, therefore the Redlight Node District was formed after multiple multi-hour and multi-time zone VCs. Redlight Finance was present at the Crypto Expo Event held in Dubai.

Their Mission

Using the technologies of node networks and NFTs, give a more sustainable and gratifying passive revenue stream.

How are they going to do it? Through technology that allows investors to design and compound active reward schemes, the Redlight Nodes system passively compensates its users. Their users will be able to generate more revenue than any other node system now operational thanks to the strength of NFTs, play-to-earn games, and our long-term tokenomics.

Their Nodes

Nodes are a collection of data points that users are rewarded for creating and using. Each node creates a set quantity of the coin/token it represents. Nodes use a proof-of-stake mechanism, which is similar to proof-of-work mining.

Each currency/token created may be used to produce new nodes, increase daily prizes, or sold on the market for an underlying liquidity-linked coin.

1 MANSION (a node) is created by exchanging 20 $PLAYMATES (tokens).

Every 24 hours, 1 MANSION creates 1 $PLAYMATE (excluding taxes and bonuses, which will be discussed later).

1 DISTRICT may be obtained by exchanging 20 MANSIONS (a more rewarding node, that applies a 1.5 percent increase to your entire wallet’s claims & a 1 percent decrease in claim tax).

Every 24 hours, 1 DISTRICT creates 1 $PLAYMATE (without taxes and bonuses).

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