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RedPad Games Introduces Wartide Worlds Game at the CED2021

RedPad Games, a new game developing studio, committed to creating big stories and a significant name for itself in the industry, recently, showed up at the CED2021 (Crypto Expo Dubai 2021). RedPad Games was present at one of the biggest crypto events in Dubai for the introduction of Wartide Worlds.

Wartide Worlds, as reported on the official website of GDBAY, is a game that narrates the scenario of what is going to happen in case people do not take care of each other and Earth. The game lays an emphasis on the fact that in case people deplete the resources provided to them by Earth, they will be opening games to the cosmic void in search of new resources.

Talking further about the game, you, as a player, will be taken in the future conflict of one of the three powers that differ as vividly as the hatred of competitors in the space arena burns. The game asks you which side you will be on, will you be performing under the battle standards of your country, or support an ideological opponent?

More Details About Wartide Worlds

Well, as depicted, the way to win and survive in the game is ultimately going to be your choice. Wartide Worlds stands for the matter, we make worlds, and you write the history of this world.

The game is a magnum opus, as developed by the RedPad Games and as revealed, will consist of a team of game enthusiasts. In addition to this, it should be noted that the team is composed of 11-20 participants.

Along with this, GDBAY disclosed on their official Facebook page that they are getting support from Unity for Games and they are thankful to them as they are extending support to the Global Games Pitch by being a Platinum Sponsor of the project.

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