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The Renminbi will be in charge of global transactions.

Amidst the rising talks about crypto, gaming platforms, as well as individual games, have started incorporating blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is the foundation on which most crypto tokens work. It is supposed to be one of the most secure investment technologies out there in terms of protection from hackers. However, that fact is coming under fire due to the recent breaches in major crypto exchanges. Yet, it still remains quite safe, especially if one understands its basics. If you ask any technologically-sound individual, they’ll probably tell you that crypto can be the future of trade and investments. Of course, this is putting a lot of pressure on traditional investors and finance experts who are still in favor of Wall Street.

The Gamification

The gamification of crypto and the tie-up between the game industry and cryptocurrencies will help establish a reputation that the crypto industry badly needs. Many up-and-coming companies are incorporating crypto technologies and cryptocurrencies in their game plan. Moreover, crypto rewards will also become a way for game developers to reward their loyal players. It’s an assumption that all people on a gaming platform or inside a game are equal. In most cases, this assumption is true. It doesn’t matter who they are in real life, but only their skill matters in a game.

This philosophy is in line with the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies; wherein all individuals are in direct control of their wealth. It will be interesting to see how this tie-up between the gaming industry and crypto pans out

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