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Research suggests that Australia is ready for adopting crypto.


Many parts of the world are still hesitant about widespread crypto acceptance especially due to the market’s uncertain nature. But a handful of countries are leading the race to make cryptocurrencies mainstream according to recent research conducted to analyze the conditions of crypto-favorable nations around the globe. The results of the study see the continent-country of Australia as the undisputed winner whose crypto policies and environment are the most favorable for crypto takeover currently.

This research was done based on a number of parameters that measured crypto penetration among different countries. The criteria included the number of users who are looking up crypto topics online and the ease of availability in physical crypto services like ATMs. It also encompassed whether the laws are policies of the governments are pro or anti-crypto. This presents Australia as the most crypto-friendly nation in the world set to welcome crypto and join the group of nations that are already championing the crypto race. The curiosity about cryptocurrencies has also steadily climbed over the last year in the Australian search engines by almost 20%. Other crypto markets on this list are British, American, Chinese, Swiss, and middle eastern markets.

It isn’t surprising that the United States follows second as they already have a lot of pro-crypto plans and activities unfolding all over the country. The mainstream takeover is indeed imminent in the American crypto market which is seeing more crypto startup projects than ever. This is also seen in crypto payments becoming normalized to every major celebrity and social media platform supporting cryptocurrencies. Additional results from the research unveiled that there are also some nations that levy the least taxation on cryptocurrency transactions. Once again Chinese and Swiss governments topped the list, along with the likes of German, Malaysian, Latin American, and Turkish governments.

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