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Revenue Coin, the First Revenue Token in the World Showed up a the AIBC Summit

The token that focuses on providing exposure to the 1/10th segment of the revenue generated by the firms involved in the Revenue Capital, the Revenue Token was present at one of the most significant events related to technology and blockchain, the AIBC Summit.

Revenue Token is considered to be a token backed with an innovative approach that is distinct and is the first of its kind. It facilitates the connection between the network providers and companies included in the Revenue Capital.

The token is dedicated to bringing a revolution in the token market and providing clever and creative entrepreneurs with access to financial assistance through a community of millions of users.

In return for the financial assistance, the companies are required to share a significant part of their revenues, which is then utilized to purchase back the token from the market, ultimately reducing the supply of the token.

Revenue Coin Working Explained

Here, you should understand the working of the RevCoin, it is the job of the RVC holders to provide funding to high-tech companies to scale. In addition to this, it should be noted that the Revenue Coin is a BEP-20 token, the tokenomics of which, invigorates the surging demand for RVC tokens over time.

As per the facilitation of capital in the Revenue Coin, it is allowed by the lower costs and formalities associated with the buying of tokens. The community is motivated to fund companies selected by them and the experts in the Revenue Capital.

The companies that receive funds are then entitled to pay a percentage of the revenue generated by them to buy and burn the Revenue Coins. For an example of this, the Revenue Capital played a vital role in the success of firms like Exeria and SkyRocket.

It certainly seems that the Revenue Coin has a bright future ahead.

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