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Revoland MOBA: Bringing Over Web3 Adoption Through Decentralized Gaming Protocols.

The blockchain is one of the most dynamic innovations in the history of technology. Its functionality today goes far beyond cryptocurrency transactions. By adopting the tech, gaming has also received a major boost in the development of decentralized interactive games.

Decentralized protocols aim to increase interactivity in a democratized online space where developers and users can co-create, interact and just have fun. Web3 developers believe that decentralized games will become a large part of this prospective demographic.

About Revoland

Revoland is the first multiplayer blockchain-driven MOBA game. It offers the thrill of cooperative gameplay, where players can join their friends and colleagues to engage in head-to-head battles and win lucrative rewards. The gameplay focuses on teamwork, but personal skills are pivotal as well.

Revoland was developed by the London-based metaverse company Chain X Game (CXG). The blockchain game market continues to grow, and CXG is seeking to take advantage of this momentum. Revoland is not the company’s only product. CXG also develops other games and helps traditional game makers integrate Web3 mechanics into their gameplay. 

Notably, Revoland became the first blockchain game to launch on the Huawei cloud – a service provider that features robust infrastructure servers, databases, and the security necessary for efficient gaming globally. The partnership between the companies includes the launch of a play-to-earn model. This, in turn, will open up opportunities to create millions of jobs in the MENA region.

Highlights and Features

Revoland stands out because of several distinctive features:

  • 6 combat modes: two single-player scenarios and four different multiplayer;
  • Battle rewards: they are easy to convert into real money with built-in fiat off-ramps;
  • Opportunity to trade in-game assets on its NFT marketplace;
  • Players have an opportunity to take part in developing the game, and get rewards.

Revoland encourages community development by hosting competitive events and bringing together cryptocurrency users, gamers, gaming guilds, and streamers to create a balanced gaming ecosystem.

Revoland Gaming Economy 

Revoland’s economic model relies on two proprietary tokens: $LAND and $REVO. They each serve a vital function in ensuring the stability of the in-game economy and creating a wholesome gaming experience. 

$LAND is a BEP-20 utility token that gamers earn from active gameplay, such as engaging in battles, doing quests, and ranking up. There are 100 billion $LAND tokens in total. $LAND can be spent on upgrades, talent awakenings, as well as HP refills, and name changes. Additionally, streamers get their payouts in $LAND.

REVO, which is a BEP-20 standard token, performs governance and utility functions. Through $REVO, holders may place the stakes and vote on chosen proposals. A total of 120 million REVO tokens will be in the turnover.

Investors and Partners 

Revoland grabbed an impressive number of key partnerships, including business planning, technology integration, blockchain system development, game production, and game publishing. 

16 veteran crypto venture capital firms invested in the project during the pre-sale and seed rounds:

– Hashkey Capital

– Tian Ge Interactive

– Polygon Venture

– AKG Venture

– LinkVC

– Arcanum Capital

– Atlas Capital

– Crypto Nord

– PlayPark

– MX investment

– One Block Capital

– AW Capital

– Phemex Venture

– Winston International

– Gene Vision

– Yield Master

 SEAGM, Khalaspay, SEM9, and SiGMA are currently on the list of investors, while Huawei has taken the place of a strategic partner. 

Revoland Roadmap

The first quarter of the year saw the platform the platform has conducted the presale of Hero NFTs and has launched an extensive smart contract testing. In the second quarter of 2022, the main focus of the project will shift to the official launch of the Revoland Game and its further distribution.

The development team has advanced in creating the guild system – vital for multiplayer battles. Their ultimate goal, however, is to create a seamless gameplay Metaverse experience. In the meantime, work on creating an engaged and expanding community is ongoing. 

Revoland looks forward to utilizing the power of Web3 gaming to transform this industry, as the team believes that the key to the broad adoption of the next-generation web lies in the realm of GameFi. With hope, the involvement of players and partners, as well as a bold approach to crowdfunding, will work to keep the ecosystem on a steady path forward.

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