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Revolut Starts Zero Commission Crypto Trading for US Investors


Fintech company Revolute is known for offering cryptocurrency purchases as a part of its products and services. In a recent announcement, the fintech firm said that they are going to allow clients from the United States to trade up to $200,000 every month at zero commission.

Revolute also has other services in its gambit. Out-of-network withdrawals from ATMs are one of their major services. They offer up to 10 remittance payments as well. Users of Revolut can easily transfer money across countries. They provide a maximum of 10 transfers every month at no additional cost to banks in 30 countries, including Australia, France, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

CEO of Revolut U.S, Ron Olivera, talked about how their move is going to empower customers. He said that their platform would help United States citizens to better handle their finances. They can start training in the financial market, or make cross-border payments, among a host of other services. Revolut, based out of London, has been operational in the United States since the beginning of March 2020. After enduring a period of hardship due to Covid-19 lockdowns, the firm is now back in business and showing steady progress.

There are also speculations surrounding Revolut coming up with its own cryptographic token. As the frenzy around crypto keeps growing, we can expect to see more tokens enter the market. As far as the market stands right now, demand for crypto-related services is at an all-time high. If Revolut manages to solidify its position in the United States, it will become a key player in the market within a few years.

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