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RIDGE Charity Token is launched by a group of seasoned crypto enthusiasts.

RIDGE Charity Token is launched by a group of seasoned crypto enthusiasts.

A group of crypto enthusiasts has for long been working on increasing use cases for tokens. They have already been quite successful in increasing use cases for several tokens. In keeping with their consistent efforts, the group has launched a charity token – RIDGE. The RIDGE launch took place in November 2021.

This is a community-driven charity token. It is available on the ETH network. The token with multiple utilities helps expand the growing decentralized crypto ecosystem.

It is intended that RIDGE will be used to help children, the ailing and the other underprivileged people in society.

RIDGE – Charity Donations

Immediately after the launch of the token, they made their maiden donation. This was soon followed by two other donations. In the short time between the launch of RIDGE and the present, a total of 9 donations have been made. The donations were all to varied charity organizations.

A fixed percentage (1%) of the tax levied on the purchase or sale of the token is credited to the wallet for donations. Once the size of the donation accruals reaches a pre-defined amount, the same is transferred to designated charities.

With the meme coin $RIDGE, plans are afoot to radically alter the crypto ecosystem. The plan is to create new use cases. It is also planned to create a bridge to Polygon. For users who are wary of the high user fee on the ETH token, there are plans to have a second token.

The RIDGE team also plans to soon create NFTs. For this purpose, they have roped in an artist from Eastern Europe. The artist regularly draws for orthodox churches. The team is also planning a video platform. The platform will have its own video content and also offer discounts on Netflix subscriptions.



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