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Rising demand for crypto payment solutions, up more than 40% since 2021.


Demand for crypto payment solutions from crypto spenders is up more than 40% from new customers since 2021, says a report. This shows that merchants should get on board with the demand for crypto payment solutions.

Experts believe accepting crypto is one of the easiest ways to diversify audiences. And is one of the main motivating factors to bring crypto-spenders to business. Many individuals and businesses around the world accept crypto, but its not always the optimal option. Businesses and merchants should make it easier for customers by making more payment options available. They should be aware that making transactions is unstable in many aspects without a crypto payment gateway.

Businesses now are aware of the fact that accepting crypto is one of the easiest ways to diversify customers and audiences. Moreover, crypto consumers believe accepting cryptocurrency is the primary motivating factor to bring crypto-spenders to businesses. But crypto spenders are a generally untapped client base. This audience doesn’t cease to grow and thus, it’s wise to tap into it.

Facilitating crypto transactions is a crucial part of the expanding demand. A good example is Forumpay, a crypto payment gateway, that facilitated the introduction of merchants to the world of cryptocurrencies. Forumpay makes crypto payments as easy as accepting any other form of payment. Customers can accept crypto payments from any digital wallet and with any cryptocurrency. They get paid in fiat without any risk.

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