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Rockaway Capital: Leading in Bringing Value to Portfolio Firms.

Rockaway Capital engages globally in exceptional founders, bringing value to our portfolio firms through staking infrastructures, security assessments, and the development of developer teams.


They are Europe’s premier blockchain venture capital firm, with a wide portfolio of digital assets that they invest in both through funds (30%) as well as directly through companies (70%).


We’ve been investing in blockchain funds as well as startups since 2017, and their team, platform, but also portfolio have outperformed the rise of digital assets.


Their anchor investor is Rockaway Capital, a European investment firm with a $2.5 billion AUM.


Smart Contract Security Audits

  • They’ve teamed with Ackee Blockchain to behave security assessments performed by professionals that have exclusive clearance to the portfolio companies.
  • The emphasis is on smart contracts that are EVM-compatible and Rust-based.
  • The Ethereum Foundation, the KIN Foundation, as well as the Tezos Foundation have all cooperated with Ackee.

Validators in Action

  • They engage with projects in a hands-on manner and manage our own staking infrastructure.
  • They don’t use any third-party service providers because everything is run by the team.

IT Developers for Hire

  • As per HackerRank, Central Europe has six of the top 20 countries with good developer talent.
  • They are lecturers at prestigious IT universities such as CVUT and UTB.
  • They collaborate with and other local staffing firms.


  • Blockchain technology digitizes financial services, streamlines complex legacy equipment, and eliminates rent-seeking intermediates, allowing for quick, cost-effective, as well as global operations.
  • Trading, and remittances, including derivatives, are examples of successful use cases that generate $10 billion in annual income and are expected to rise 100 times in the next ten years.
  • In 2020, digital liquid instruments on the blockchain increased by 321 percent (vs. 24 percent for gold, 15 percent for the S&P500, and 10-year bond yields of 0.9 percent p.a.).
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