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Rostik Rusev has been appointed to the Advisory Board of Esports Leader and BSC Utility Token Nobility.


Nobility, a new utility token set to bring welcome changes to the eSports industry, has just announced Rostik Rusev will be on their advisory board. Rusev is a crypto entrepreneur and has experience in the blockchain business as well. This, combined with his passion for DeFi, and his vast industry experience, make him the perfect addition to Nobility’s advisory board.

Rostik Rusev and Nobility

Once known as ‘The Bad Boy of crypto’, Rusev entered the world of blockchain public relations as one of the pioneers. Since then, he has gathered years of experience, as well as valuable connections. Together with the founder and CEO of Noble, Kyle McDougal, Rusev will enable Nobility to successfully break into the gaming industry. They will also help scale Nobility, and forge a path where Nobility has global reach.

Rostik Rusev didn’t limit his experience to blockchain and crypto entrepreneurship but has also forayed into entertainment, music, as well as PR. Using the knowledge gathered from his previous experiences, his addition to the advisory board is expected to help Nobility as it gets ready for launch.

Nobility: Everything You Should Know

Based on the Binance smart chain, Nobility is a utility token. This utility token can be used to bring changes to the eSports industry by enabling gaming tournaments with large prize pools. Token holders can be rewarded at the same time, and content creators can be provided with reflection rewards. These are paid out in BUSD. By granting the ability to make smart contracts, this token hopes to become a scalable global solution for the gaming industry.

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