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Running a Lightning node allows for passive income.

A node can be seen as software that’s responsible for connecting to the blockchain exchanges, as well as the main network. This node also needs to ensure that the data pertaining to blockchain as up to date. The main goal of this node is to track all the transactions that are happening on the blockchain network. The node helps the network stay decentralized, immutable as well as transparent.

Different blockchain networks have different modes. Take for example the key nodes for bitcoin, which are the Light node and the Full node. The Lightning node can be seen as software that should link the Lightning network to the primary blockchain network.

Lightning Nodes and the Blockchain Network

A Lightning node can be used to link a primary blockchain network, which can be bitcoin or litecoin, to the network of the Lightning. The Lightning Network is different from networks related to bitcoin in many ways. One of these is that transactions are verified in this network.

When you run a node, you need to pay special attention to each channel. You’ll need to assess fees as well as traffic flow. You’ll also need to decide which all channels should be opened and which should be closed. You’ll need to understand how the traffic moves as well.

Keep in mind that it could cost you between $200 to $400 to run your Lightning node. If you want to make money using the Lightning Network, then the most user friendly way you can make this happen is by accepting tips. Get an account on and get social media tips using the Lightning Network.

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