Thursday, December 7, 2023

Russians who are aware of Bitcoin are divided on the proposed cryptocurrency ban.

In all the conversations regarding whether to ban crypto or not in Russia, a poll was done by the Vtsiom. In this new research, the researcher wanted to observe the mindset of all the Russian citizens regarding crypto assets.

After this poll, it was said that 64% of the Russian population has read about cryptocurrency and bitcoin. At the same time, 17% of the population are pretty much cryptocurrency experts. As per the poll reports, a 4% boost has been noticed when compared with the 2017 poll results. Those who have no clue whatsoever about crypto have diminished by 11 to only 19%.

As per the polls, over 17 million population have crypto wallets, says the Racib. Almost 5T rubles in the crypto market (more than $67 billion) have been invested by the Russian citizens, commented Anatoly Aksakov.

The increasing cryptocurrency popularity in the country has strong-armed Moscow to initiate and regulate the crypto market. However, the Bank has tried to ban this but only met with harsh backlash by the investors. This is something that we do not see every day. Being a communist country, crypto gives too much power to the individual citizen and the Russian government is not happy about it.

Almost an equivalent number of the Russian population support and refuse cryptocurrencies, which is 32% of each Accepting and Rejecting. 33% continue to be disinterested in the crypto translation ban. 54%, which is mostly young people, refuse to agree with the Authority figures. 15% of the old age group (around 60 years old) are opposed to the ban.

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