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Ruyi Technology Showed Up at the Crypto Expo Dubai Event

Ruyi Technology, Inc is the creator of the Ruyi hybrid wallet, a groundbreaking device. Ruyi Technology is at the forefront of the cryptocurrency revolution. Ruyi Technology was present at the Crypto Expo 2022 Event, which was held in Dubai.

Ruyi Technology Features

  1. Cryptocurrencies may be sent, received, and exchanged freely and swiftly all across the world.
  2. Accept cryptocurrencies as a form of online payment at any time and from any location.
  3. Become a Ruyi C2C merchant and offer your goods to people all over the world.
  4. Support KYC&AML, transparent transactions, and fraud prevention.

Ruyi Technology Products

Social Contacts

You may make more new acquaintances in Ruyi Wallet and communicate freely with them.

  • Data transfer utilizing the AES256 encryption standard, including point-to-point encryption and burning after reading.
  • Quickly and securely send bitcoin to pals.
  • Voice and video calls are fully supported.


Protect your funds with a dual-mode high-security wallet.

  • You may flexibly switch between decentralized and centralized wallet modes.
  • Asset security is ensured by multi-chain and multi-currency 5-fold verification.
  • Coin exchange and many DEFI financial instruments are supported.

Exchange & Swap

Ruyi Wallet allows you to purchase and trade bitcoin quickly and effortlessly.

  • You may buy bitcoin using your credit card at any moment.
  • Hundreds of coins can be freely exchanged and cross-chain transactions are possible.
  • Within the legal framework, you can exchange cryptocurrencies for legal cash at any moment.


Create your social channel and publish current happenings whenever you want.

  • Get the most up-to-date market information and learn about industry trends.
  • Follow and share personal information.
  • Create your own social media channel to gain more followers.


Quickly access your store and accept bitcoin payments.

  • Access to merchant services and the ability to create your store rapidly.
  • Support for numerous cryptocurrencies, including immediate conversion to legal tender.
  • Use social/circle to recommend your items to Ruyi users.
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