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World’s First Fun and Rich Blockchain Ecosystem SafeHamsters Tells About GameFi at the CED2021

SafeHamsters is an international group of crypto lovers, analysts, entrepreneurs focused on doing something big in the blockchain space, with a thorough background in the world of crypto from the year 2016/2017. In addition to this, it should be noted that the team has a deep and focused understanding of the operations of the world of Defi and the entire crypto market.

Recently, the team of SafeHamsters was spotted at one of the biggest events related to crypto in Dubai, the CED 2021 (Crypto Expo Dubai 2021).

As witnessed at the event, the Co-founder of Safe Hamsters, Hanna Berji (CBO) was presenting the hamsters league in the Crypto Expo Dubai and was revealing further details regarding the emerging trends in decentralized finance. She addressed the required details about the very first AR blockchain game and mentioned the fact that the game is rising in popularity.

Along with this, it should be noted that the team behind SafeHamsters was excited to make an announcement regarding the release of their NFT collectibles.

SafeHamsters’ Community-Based Aim and HamsterMills Details

As stated in the announcement, a total of 900 new gaming equipment assets will be sold and all seeds will be burned.

There is no denying the fact that the team behind SafeHamsters is dedicated to building the best worldwide community in the near future. They have come together in order to develop a distinct ecosystem in which ordinary people will stand a chance to earn, learn, play, and involve themselves in the crypto industry appropriately.

We should also emphasize on HamstersMill as these farms are a finance and investing area where hamsters are provided with an opportunity to earn a secure and reliable passive income.

This is made possible by the proper utilization of stalking the combinations of WBNB, BUSD, and SafeHamsters tokens.

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