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Saitama Attends Crypto Expo Event 2022 in Dubai

Saitama is a community-driven platform fostering the future of finance. Recently, the platform attended the Crypto Expo Dubai Event 2022, held in Dubai. It should be noted that the event is considered one of the most prominent and influential events held in the field of crypto and blockchain.

The Crypto Expo, organized by a Dubai-based event organizer — HQMENA — was successfully concluded. The event hosted more than 130 exhibitors who participated from across the globe, with over 10 thousand visitors attending the two-day expo.

It should be noted that this event is considered one of the most noteworthy and prominent events in the blockchain field and crypto technology.

What is Saitama?

Saitama is a platform promoting financial well-being by allowing people of all ages and diverse cultures to be in control of their money and create personalized wealth opportunities.

The platform aims at educating the next generation of investors and making financial well-being accessible to all. Although digital currencies have been around for over ten years, we are still at the beginning stage of a monetary revolution that will reorganize society, redistributing wealth and giving everyone a chance to attain financial freedom.

The majority of the next generation of investors is yet to join, but for global decentralized finance to become a reality, they will require not only to overcome technological hurdles but to simply understand how money works. This is where Saitama comes in. It provides tools and content that make people comfortable with funds while they invest, opening unprecedented opportunities for their wealth creation.

How to buy a Saitama token?

The best way to purchase the token before SaitaMask is launched is by connecting a digital wallet to a popular decentralized trading platform Uniswap, where Saitama liquidity remains locked until May 2022. If you are new to crypto or Uniswap, follow the platform’s step-by-step instructions and connect your wallet directly through its website for simple ease of use.

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