Monday, May 27, 2024

Salman Khan Launches GARI, India’s First Crypto Token GARI

Salman Khan is the latest Indian celebrity to jump on the cryptocurrency bandwagon. He recently unveiled the first crypto token of India – GARI. This token was launched by Chingari, a short video, micro-content application. He took to Twitter and talked about the GARI Tokens reward program and the NFT marketplace. Fans will be able to buy exclusive Salman Khan’s Video NFTs on the GARI marketplace.

GARI is a fungible blockchain token that will be serving as a governance token as well as a future in-app currency. The token has been built by partnering with the Solana blockchain. These social tokens are digital assets that help creators to forge deep relationships with their audience and receive more equitable pay while doing so. GARI is a social token for Chingari creators. Through this, they will be giving them the governance authority through DAO and creating a circular economy.

The aim of Chingari is to use the GARI tokens for infusing cryptocurrency into the lives of content creators as well as their audience. The Chingari application has a simple mechanism through which consumers will have a familiar short-term tool for entering the cryptocurrency world.

The users of the Chingari app will be able to use the GARI tokens in and out of the app for connecting and transacting with the counterparties, catalyzing user base growth and platform engagement, and placing governance votes. The content creators on the Chingari app create and share videos with the world. GARI tokens will be rewarded to the users every time they create a video.

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