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Samurai Saga to unleash new a title ahead of launch of its P2E gaming experience.

NFT collection Samurai Saga is set to release a new title “ONNA-BUGEISHA” ahead of the launch of its first play-to-earn (P2E) gaming experience. Samurai Saga will release 6,666 NFTs between 16-18th March.

Its non-fungible tokens will play a crucial role in enhancing its ecosystem. Every ONNA-BUGEISHA will harvest a $GENKI token – the game’s native currency, through the Saga staking system. More tokens will be harvested depending on the duration. ONNA-BUGEISHA warriors are unique, playable characters in the upcoming P2E game. Users can access the game character universe via ownership of an ONNA-BUGEISHA NFT.

Samurai Saga’s first demo version will be released in April 2022. Moreover, it is set to launch a Web3 play-to-earn gaming experience. Through the game, NFT collectors can earn rewards and tokens. This will be made possible through its multiple game modes and various honors whilst they battle.

Users will be awed by the game’s world-class graphics. This feature will allow NFT holders to unlock new playable characters, unique attributes, and in-game skills. They can also earn rewards. Users can also take advantage of the exclusive avatars and tools essential for a win in the Samurai Saga’s Open World.

Dino Tomic is the talented artist behind the detailed artwork. The Samurai Saga NFT collection will deliver unique artwork with every NFT produced. It will give the finest visual gaming experience to the holders to play each battle towards winning glory as champions and rare legends.

Furthermore, Samurai Saga has a line-up of other features as well to keep collectors engaged in its ever-evolving project.

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