Saturday, December 2, 2023

Satoshi’s Oasis Paradise now supports BTC earnings instead of XRP.

Satoshi’s Oasis Paradise is a staking pool whose launch was recently announced by ZooKeeper, a Wanchain-powered Yield farming platform. Following a community vote, Satoshi’s Oasis Paradise now offers rewards to its users in the form of BTC and not XRP. 13th August was the launch date of the brand new pool, which is set to continue for four weeks.

Users of the staking pool can earn BTC rewards by staking their respective $ZOO tokens. Users can claim their rewards whenever they want, and there are no penalties associated with entry to and exit from the staking pool. There are also no impermanent loss risks. Staking amount limitations are also done away with.

Another staking pool on the ZooKeeper platform that’s made news recently is the ZooKeeper Safari Pool. Similar to Satoshi’s Oasis Paradise, Zookeeper Safari Pool also allows users to earn rewards by staking $ZOO. The staking pool was launched back in May and has recently taken the entire ZooKeeper community by storm. This pool will be of great benefit to users who stored their respective $ZOO tokens patiently from the very beginning. These staking pools on the ZooKeeper platform facilitate greater utility for the Zoo token. They also increase ZooKeeper’s Total Value Locked. Benefits to ZOO stakers given by the Safari Pool include the following:

  • When staking ZOO tokens, there are not any lock periods involved
  • Users can stake as many ZOO tokens as they want
  • Safari Pools voted by the community will last for four weeks
  • Users won’t be charged any penalties upon entry to or exit from the staking pools
  • Each pool will facilitate reward earnings through staking ZOO.
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