Friday, December 8, 2023

Scalability of Bitcoin: According to Researchers, Validity Roll-ups Will Speed Up Transactions 100x.

Validity rollups might be introduced to Bitcoin(BTC) soon. Rollups, according to researcher John Light, may significantly enhance the operation of the Bitcoin network. It entails accelerating transactions, making them more private, and doubling throughput.

Validity rollups could enable up to 100x higher throughput than layer one (L1) without the need for an increase in the block size limit or an increase (or even a drop!) in the cost of full node verification, Light wrote in a tweet.

As part of the Human Rights Foundation’s ZK-Rollup Research Fellowship, he wrote a substantial report on the subject. Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, Alex Gladstein, Eric Wall, and other notable figures in the cryptocurrency world provided input for Light.

According to the research, “validity rollups have the potential to enhance the scalability, privacy, and programmability of Bitcoin without compromising Bitcoin’s essential ideals or operation as a peer-to-peer electronic payment system.”

“One could even claim both protocols are a great complement for one another,” it continued. “Given the ‘trustless’ nature of validity rollups as cryptographically-secured extensions of their parent chain, and given Bitcoin’s standing as the most secure settlement layer.”

Blockchain networks or businesses utilize the zero-knowledge (zk) proofs technique to demonstrate the legitimacy of something like a transaction. Other than the fact that the transaction is lawful, they say nothing more about it.

Two factors can be changed by the BTC community to try to boost the TPS. The block size (B), which is currently hardcoded at 1 MB, is one variable. To raise TPS, B should ideally be raised. The block generation time (TB), another variable can be altered by varying the difficulty of the hashing challenge. To improve TPS, TB should ideally be decreased.

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