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Scholarships for crypto training courses were promised to Axie Infinity by Venezuelans.

A Venezuelan gubernatorial candidate is promising scholarships to citizens who learn how to mine, administer and trade crypto assets at a training center. The ruling party’s aspiring governor Jose Alejandro Teran promises this project under a special program. The goal is to speed up economic growth and stabilize the economy of the country.

Specialized Training

This program will be used to offer scholarship holders specialized training in NFTs. They will learn how to mine and trade crypto instruments. The governor candidate sees this initiative generating thousands of jobs. The scholarship will attract more people to this training. According to him, young people will build multiple projects and ensure improved economic stability not only for themselves but also for other people.

Other Promises

In addition to this training, the students will learn how to repair and install crypto-mining and network equipment. They will become experts in crypto trading. Venezuela is at number seven on the crypto adoption list of countries. Latin American markets have seen an increase in the use of cryptocurrencies. Use cases based on bitcoin have been growing. It has increased the adoption of crypto in Venezuela, Columbia and other countries of this region.

Analysts believe that smaller economies should prefer crypto adoption rather than developing their own digital currency. Axie Infinity platform is a gaming and NFT metaverse with plans to bring innovative opportunities for its members. It helps players create a collection that can be used in the games. It takes advantage of the latest innovations in blockchain technology to help players earn a side income.

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