Monday, December 4, 2023

Season 3 of ‘Mint,’ hosted by Adam Levy, premieres today, featuring 18 web3 disruptors.

‘Mint’, hosted by Adam Levy, is an audio and video series that examines how today’s creators are building tomorrow’s communities with web3 primitives such as social tokens, NFTs, DAOs, etc. Let’s see what the show is all about.

The new season on Mint (Season 3) will feature 18 episodes of one-on-one interviews with leading web3 creators. It will also feature investors and founders who are working with cryptography to help build a creator economy.

The podcast will be accessible through all the leading audio/video streaming platforms. The podcast will address common questions that creators and communities have regarding web3 technology.

Adam has the experience of having assisted in the incubation of several well-known crypto and blockchain startups such as LunarCRUSH, Totle, PrimeDAO, etc. Now, with Mint, Levy is enabling onboard creators and their communities into web3.

The Guests/Sponsors

Season 3’s guests on Mint will include Tyler Hobbs, Devin Finzer, RAZ, Latasha, Andy Chorlian, Avery Akkineni, to name a few.

Season 3 is being sponsored by Coinvise, POAP and Socialstack. The sponsors will support Mint by collecting its three NFTs. The NFTs entitle the sponsors to show promotions during the season and to a shared vote on the proposals and ideas that might be implemented on Mint.

Each month, we will see the rollout of a new season. Each season will feature the untold journeys of ten to fifteen creators, web3 founders, and thought leaders. The individual featured will all be notable in having worked with social money to make the creator economy a reality.

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