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Shaktiio is a Crypto-Backed Loan Anti-Liquidation Protocol.

Shaktiio, a protocol that prevents liquidation, has developed a secure anti-liquidation program for CeFi lenders. This protocol prevents overextension to stabilize the bitcoin market. Expanding the crypto loan market and increasing the use of trading techniques like leverage has given rise to huge collateral amounts with financial institutions like banks. When the market drops suddenly, extensive liquidations take place, damaging the whole market. These liquidations can be avoided by developing and implementing a method that works during market hysteria, mass sales and hyper speculative activities.

The Necessity for Anti-Liquidation in Cryptocurrency Market

This market is known for using the most advanced technology and innovative features. However, fraudsters and manipulators are always coming up with new techniques to overcome the security barriers of the crypto market. It has led to extensive speculation. Lots of digital assets are frozen and used for collateral at loan platforms. When the market drops, large block asset liquidators resort to mass sales, causing the prices to drop further. Both speculators and borrowers suffer massive liquidations. These activities lead to the collapse of the cryptocurrency values and massive selloff. Shaktiio protocol will prevent these instances.

How Does It Work?

When the cryptocurrency market collapses, Shaktiio’s anti-liquidation feature starts working. Cryptocurrencies used as collateral are protected. They cannot be liquidated or traded if their value goes down below the specified limit or the debt.

Shaktiio has a long-term development plan for its ecosystem. The plan will be supported with SKTO token. This token program will use multiple mechanisms, including awards given to the active users, a reward program, and other plans. Shaktiio solutions will benefit all crypto traders across the world.

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