Monday, December 11, 2023

Shiba Inu surpassed Bitcoin as 2021’s most viewed crypto token

When Shiba Inu was launched, everyone thought of it as a joke that would eventually fade away. However, 2021 proved to be a stellar year for the ‘Dogecoin killer’, and it turned out to be the year’s most-viewed crypto-token, ahead of the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum. This statistic was released by CoinMarketCap, a website that tracks crypto prices.

In the 12 months that have gone by, Shiba Inu was viewed a whopping 188 million times, while Bitcoin, the world’s biggest crypto, was viewed 145 million times. Right now, Shiba Inu is the world’s 13th largest cryptocurrency with a $20 billion+ market cap. So, in terms of value, it’s still a long way behind Bitcoin and Ethereum – the two biggest cryptocurrencies on the planet. However, its rise has been extraordinarily rapid, as the meme token was birthed only in 2020.

Shiba Inu’s rise has a lot to do with SpaceX founder and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, whose tweets have had a direct impact on crypto tokens’ fortunes in the market. For instance, on October 18, when a Musk tweet featured the Shiba Inu meme on its way to the moon, there was a 50% surge in Shiba Inu’s price.

The token’s price has also risen due to rumors that suggest that the token will be listed on Robinhood soon. Robinhood is one of the world’s most famous stock-trading apps, and there was a petition as well, which wanted Shiba Inu listed on Robinhood. The petition garnered nearly 300,000 signatures.

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