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Short-term and long-term price analysis for ApeCoin.


The current price of APR coin in US dollars is around $4.17. This price has seen a decrease of about 21.40% just within one day. Volumes related to trading, at the same time, have seen a massive rise. This was by about 81.53% just within the past say. A hawkish perspective has been observed by indicators that are technical, for the term that is coming.

The Short-term View

The trading volume over the past day, when it comes to ApeCoin, was about $380,915,810. Trading volumes have been seen to have increased alongside an increase when it comes to pressure associated with selling. When it comes to altcoin, the ratio of the volume to the market cap, was seen to be around 0.03128.

The price of ApeCoin is now below 20,50 SMA. This is seen through the chart for four hours, which shows that the market for bears is moving at full speed ahead. This is as the price of ApeCoin continues to drop. It’s expected that ApeCoin will likely experience resistance at around $4.50.

The Long-term View

The histograms that are green have been seen to be stagnant for at least a month now. They are about to enter the red zone, when it comes to the MACD chart. Both the MACD as well as the signal lines are in the negative zones. This shows that the sentiment regarding ApeCoin is not expected to change any time soon.

Technical indicators for ApeCoin show that they are currently facing sell-offs. This downward trend is expected to continue.

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