Thursday, December 7, 2023

Simply purchase it: Nike is hoping to attract sneakerheads to the Metaverse

With Facebook rebranding itself as Meta and announcing plans for the Metaverse, speculations abound as to what it is going to look like. While some feel it will be an additional layer of virtual and augmented reality on top of the internet, others feel that it has the potential to be a whole new digital experience.

With the Metaverse being very close to reality, companies are already thinking about how to use it to sell more products. However, Nike seems to have had a metaverse-like idea since 2018, with digital copies of new drops and more. How the Metaverse will include marketing is uncertain yet, but it might be a more intimate commercial experience than ever. People might have the chance for the first time to get a real-life experience of a product without physically touching it. For Nike, all of these seem to be working in their favor since Nike has always been a brand about ideas. For many years now, Nike’s Just Do It slogan has become a part of human societies. If the same idea is sold in a Metaverse, it will take Nike’s already high sales to even greater heights.

Being an athletic and sporting brand, Nike will have an edge in the Metaverse experience. If it can give fans what they need in terms of having a close-to-reality experience of sporting greatness, it will surely touch a chord with the audience. When Nike finally launches its Metaverse marketing campaign, the world will see a totally new form of meta-marketing.

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