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Since July 21, total exchange BTC inflows have been negative.

Bitcoin Inflows have been negative since July 21. However, you’ll be shocked to know that 4 major exchanges been running on the contrary to show the positive impact on each. The graph shows that there have been overall net outflows of around 46000 BTC from all of the crypto exchanges since July2021.

Exchanges like Binance, Bittrex, and also FTX have made positive inflows of 207000 BTC.

Bitcoin Supplies in Exchanges

The major four exchanges’ net inflows were about 207,000 Bitcoins, and during the same time, the net outflows around all the other exchanges were 253k BTC combined. The researches have shown that FTX has 3x the BTC amount with the most inflows. Whereas, Huobi, the inflows had fallen drastically. Now it has 6% or can be said 12.3k BTC as compared to July 2021.

The graph of BTC outflows shows that the demand of Bitcoin will rise; since the past few months. There have been a lot ups and downs, but it’s a sign of bullishness. The instability was quite obvious as the market moved from spot to instead derivatives trading so as to reduce the risk.

The current scene is inflows are overall less than outflows, which shows that more and more investors are ready to hold on to their coins. In addition, the avg. price shows a positive trend for long term investors. Of course, we can not predict the exact scenario, but if things are not very bullish, they are not even too bearish.

With major firms showing their support to the DeFi tech, you should also wait and see what happens next.

Cryptured Team
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