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Smart Index Crypto Fund Tracker Certificate is a certificate that tracks the performance of a crypto fund.


Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and many people are afraid to invest in them due to this fact alone. Add to that the fact that their performance is very hard to track and predict. Most people investing in these DeFi systems are doing it so that they are early adopters.

The term metaverse has been thrown around rather casually amongst Marvel and DC fans. But what it actually means is that the rapid growth of NFTs has forced people to make analysis tools that help them.

The NFT ecosystem has also grown considerably and many people are collecting digital artworks that are unique and non-reproducible. These are more or less like rare cards whose copy does not exist.

The Map Protocol is a novel way of providing the base layer cross-chain support for GameFi and NFT projects. Map chain will add and improve the functionality of already existing digital assets and act as a bridge between all the blockchains in the future.

This would also make blockchains transactions cheaper. Map Protocol will be a part of the metaverse that will ultimately connect everything. The ultimate power will rest with not just blockchain, but someone who controls them all and Map Protocol and Map Chain will be a part of them.

The innovation is still there in the world of crypto and early adopters will be the ones that benefit the most. If you have been thinking of getting into the crypto game, the right time is now.

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