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Solana-based DROPP Adopts New Strategy In Metaverse

Solana with DROPP, an NFT firm, is well-positioned to capture the non-fungible token boom. It hopes to achieve foothold via a new strategy that will require the user to be physically present at a specific location in the metaverse. The NFTs will be displayed on the map.

It will limit the users’ access to only a few NFTs at the specified location. The users can mint their NFTs based on their geo-location. DROPP will host social NFT minting events. It will require users to travel to a particular location that would coincide with a real-world location. Through this, DROPP wants to improve social interaction in both places. The firm also intends to expand on this by introducing DROPP Lands in the third quarter of 2022.

DROPP, through the geo-location, will depict real-world locations. Its interesting to note that users who purchase virtual plots in the metaverse will find a corresponding real-world plot. This seems intriguing but is yet to become a reality. Moreover, the firm is working towards integrating with the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum by the end of the second quarter of 2022. This will be a golden opportunity for Solana to revolutionize the traditional methods.

Furthermore, Solana is also being touted to take over Ethereum’s dominance as the latter is undergoing an upgrade which will take years to complete. And in regards to the NFT market share, JPM analysts believe that Solana has captured the most NFT volume share since August 2021.

They said Solana is an attractive option to NFT developers because of its lower transaction costs.

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