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Solana Beats Ethereum in Speed and Cost-Effectiveness, Claims ARK Invest CEO.

The CEO of ARK Invest, Cathie Wood, discussed her opinions on Solana, Ethereum, and Bitcoin in a CNBC Squawk Box interview. Wood compared the three assets and made comments about the cost-effectiveness of blockchain payment methods.

Cathie Wood expresses optimism about Solana.

The CEO of ARK Invest discussed the infrastructural participants in the blockchain network. While talking about ARK’s five new ETFs that are launching this week, Wood offered her thoughts on the cryptocurrency space. A variety of Bitcoin futures, Ethereum futures, and a broad selection of companies exposed to both Bitcoin and stock are included in the ETFs.

Wood discussed her opinions on current crypto systems and contrasted their speed and cost-effectiveness. The CEO of ARK Invest pointed out that, at first, Ethereum was more affordable and quicker than Bitcoin. But in these regards, Solana has already overtaken the second-biggest blockchain protocol. While talking about Bitcoin and Bitcoin-related cryptocurrency assets, Wood emphasized Solana’s contribution to the blockchain space.

Holders of Solana should expect double-digit daily returns.

The Ethereum substitute saw a surge, with investors in SOL tokens reporting profits of 11.50% over the previous day. For the first time since May 2022, Solana has increased 46% in the last week as the token crossed $63.20.

The price of SOL rebounded from its losses at the collapse of the FTX exchange and in mid-October 2023, it reversed a multi-month downward trend. SOL’s pricing on Binance is $63.20 as of this writing.

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