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Solana data analytics will be integrated by blockchain service provider Nansen

It becomes difficult to adapt to the trend of the markets following the unavailability of the data in the network. The investors and traders in the market still trying to take up the predictions keeping in mind the history of the market that is available. However, when the investors and traders in the market are made available with the data of the companies, they are able to predict the upcoming changes and trends of the markets.


Similarly, ‘Nansen’ is the provider of the services for blockchain technologies. The platform is all set to release the integration of the Solana dashboard giving the investors (institutional and retail) to make the path forward a bit easier.

The raw information provides the investors with the confidence to invest in the emerging rallies in the prices

The traditional investors in the market study the fundamentals of the company to invest in their respective stocks. The information that the Solana dashboard will bring is going to help the investors and traders to look for the incoming trends of the market i.e., Defi (Decentralised Finance) and NFTs. This feature of blockchain technology is already expected to supply more than a hundred million data charts or points mentioning the networks like Binance, Ethereum, Polygon, and Fantom.

The smart features provided by Nansen allow their investors to recognise the investments made by them. The feature also helps the investors to discover the other variety of financial instruments in the market. Therefore, this feature is expected to be launched in the early year of 2022

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