Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Solana NFTs are now supported in Adobe’s Behance.

There are many platforms that have taken over the role of a traditional resume. Many dynamic platforms are used by creators to showcase their creations – one such platform is Behance by Adobe.

Behance is very famous in the world of design – be it digital art, architecture, or illustration. It is a popular platform among creators. In order to stay ahead of their game, Adobe’s Behance has launched a new progressive feature.

Latest Update in Behance

Now, Solana NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) can be displayed on Behance through the user’s phantom wallet. The phantom wallet is connected to Solana NFTs and can be easily used by users. This modern step is towards more decentralized finance and the promotion of NFTs. Given that many NFTs are art-based – Adobe is right to move in this direction.

This is not the first step of Behance in Blockchain technology. They already allowed Ethereum-based NFTs minting. This option dried out because of the high energy usage of Ethereum. Solana takes much less energy and is easier to mint. So, hopefully, this would be the necessary shift.

Who is helping Adobe in this?

A Miami-based Web3 company – QuickNode – is collaborating with Adobe for this feature of adding Solana to the platform. This company is, possibly, one of the major players of the Solana ecosystem. They are supporting Adobe’s approach for more energy-conscious and eco-friendly users. They are allowing rent access to the Blockchain instead of asking every user to maintain their own node.

This is a great step towards modernity and Web3. Hopefully, it will resonate well with the designers, and the Solana ecosystem will benefit them.

Cryptured Team
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