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Solana (SOL) Price Analysis: Potential Downturn Before Next Upswing.

The price of Solana (SOL), which trades below the $200 psychological mark, has reversed half of the gains seen during the previous week. There may be more corrections over the weekend or the next week as a result of this pessimistic view.

Solana Price requires a reprieve
The price of solana has increased by 1022% since September 2023. The two primary causes of this astounding surge are the recent run-up in Bitcoin and the oversale of SOL because of its association with the now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange FTX. Solana had a 39% increase last week, marking the largest weekly gain of 2024.

However, the Solana price has experienced severe rejection over the last five days near the $200 psychological threshold and is currently trading over 16% below the closing level of the previous week.

The following factors could potentially facilitate this correction:

Bitcoin’s bearish outlook: the weekly sell signal is causing BTC to surge higher. The pioneering cryptocurrency is probably going to drag altcoins down with it as profit-taking ensues.

Bearish divergence: There is a non-conformity known as bearish divergence, as the weekly SOL chart has produced a higher high and the Relative Strength Index (RSI) has generated a lower high. This configuration frequently denotes a slowdown in momentum that could result in a short-term pullback or possible reversal.

Potential sell signal for MRI: The Momentum Reversal Index (MRI), which appears on the eighth successive up candlestick, has flashed a yellow down arrow. This development suggests that SOL’s next up candlestick could flash a sell signal, indicating a one-to-four down candlestick pattern.

Given the market’s bullish state, a reversal is improbable given the bullish state of the market, indicating that SOL may be due for a drop. Furthermore, there was a dead cat bounce to $200 during the bear market that started in early November 2021, which is currently the price at which SOL is experiencing another sell-off. Thus, the weekly foothold at $152 and $134, the middle of the last bear market crash, are stable support levels where buyers would find the Solana price appealing.

Although a sweep of $134 would be ideal for accumulation, investors should be aware that this move has little chance of happening given the current exceedingly positive outlook.

On the other hand, there’s a good chance that the uptrend will continue if the Solana price prematurely flips over the $200 psychological barrier. But SOL might follow in its footsteps if the price of Bitcoin keeps falling.

A strong weekly candlestick close below $134 would indicate a possible trend change. This could encourage inexperienced investors to sell their shares. If the panic sell-off is strong enough to cause the price of Solana to close below $100 on a weekly basis, it would refute the bullish outlook. Solana’s price may plunge 11% in such a scenario and retest the $89 support level.

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