Thursday, December 7, 2023

South African Bitcoin Club Mirror Trading International is accused of $1.7B in fraud.

The well-known watchdog of the United States of America has accused an international club of manipulating and fraud for approximately 1 billion USD. The watchdog, the Commodity futures trading commission, has put several other accusations against the club. It has been accused of fraud against approximately twenty thousand Americans. Americans, who were investing their money in the club, though this international club to work for growing their money. Americans were referring to this South African club as a high-tech platform for blockchain investment options. The club promised:

  • 10% monthly returns
  • Referral benefits including bonuses

What is Mirror Trading International?

Mirror Trading International is referred to as a networking and trading company for the cryptocurrency i.e., Bitcoin. The platforms help you ease all the complex processes of investing in Bitcoin by taking the burden off your shoulders.

Is cryptocurrency still exposed to threats and fraud?

Even though the world is progressing toward tech-savvy solutions, incidents of cyberattack and fraud have become common. Personal data stored in blockchain technology is exposed to risk. However, authorized dealers in the finance sector have started to come up with solutions to keep people’s data safe.

All about CFTC

The commodity futures trading commission is engaged in protecting people from abusive practices, manipulation, fraud, etc., related to the buying and selling of futures, options, and commodities. In addition, they deal in prosecuting and investigating fraud cases regarding foreign currencies, hedge funds, etc.

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