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Spantale Digital Sports Sponsoring Platform Was Present at the AIBC Malta Event

The platform that is dedicatedly working to lowering the barrier or minimizing the restrictions associated with the fan culture that the sports industry brags, Spantale, was spotted at the AIBC Summit 2021.

The event was held in Malta back in the month of November and is considered one of the most notable events where you can witness different and unique ideas and businesses under one roof along with the teams backing them.

This event is basically to serve as a meeting ground for all the companies that are working in the field of Blockchain, emerging technologies, and cryptocurrencies. Spantale is one such company that is dedicated to reaping the best out of blockchain technology and to determining the extent to which the blockchain industry can stretch its arms.

As mentioned on the official website of the platform, Spantale does one simple thing of utilizing sponsorship crowdfunding through a platform that is based on blockchain to establish a connection between the athletes and the sponsors.

Spantale Democratizes Sponsorship Access While Establishing a Direct Connection

This is done in order to reach out to the fans and make them aware that the fans and companies will now have a chance to directly access the sponsorships and donations.

In addition to this, it should be laid an emphasis on the fact that the Spantale platform leverage the utilization of blockchain technology in accordance with the details mentioned on the official website of the platform to contribute to the creation of a positive economy around an athlete.

Noting further, the description said that the company will be able to do so with the help of an ecosystem of partners which further utilizes a utility token, the AEL token, which acts as a fuel to the entire ecosystem dedicated to Spantale.

Well, it clearly is high time for the sponsorship investments to operate harder and smarter.

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