Monday, December 4, 2023

Spencer Tarring, CEO of Gamesta, Discusses GameFi, Metaverse, and the Guild’s Role in the Big Picture.

The CEO and founder of Gamesta, Spencer Tarring, has recently signed up with As per the sources, he has signed up with to discuss the company in News Podcast. Spencer seems to have good and deep knowledge about cryptocurrency as he has a profitable YouTube channel named Crypto Money Life.

What is Gamesta?

Spencer founded Gamesta, which is a contract-based company empowering various underprivileged gamers. The financiers help to link thousands of gamers around the world. Gamesta Guild is developed in a way that every gamer participating, irrespective of their wealth and resources, show the same value in their digital games. Game developers have a good opportunity as by contributing their time, they can give rewards to players’ loyalty with the help of Blockchain technology.

The platform of Gamesta has a large community of players who are ready to activate their in-game assets.

The concept of Gamesta is simple as they believe in giving a chance to gamers who will take part in this digital recreation.

Who is Spencer Tarring?

The founder of DopeWarz and VMG already has tons of experience in both startup and crypto. Spencer Tarring is renowned for his hands in various ventures in his life. In his entire entrepreneurial business of 20 years, he has left around 5 businesses. Also, he has gained fame internationally as a famous DJ. He has gained popularity because of his YouTube channel. The reports confirm that people who visit Bitboys ATB presents daily are likely to have a link with the crypto influencer group.

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