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Spot and Futures Exchange Platform Digitex Was Spotted at the AIBC Malta Event

The platform allows its users to trade cryptocurrencies without paying any intermediary fees and hidden charges and is considered one of the best spot and futures exchanges, Digitex, was present at the AIBC Malta event

The event was held in Malta back in the month of November and is considered one of the most influential and significant events related to crypto and blockchain.

Digitex, the spot, and futures exchange works on a commission-free algorithm and is certainly a reliable futures exchange that allows the trading of digital currency prices. Talking further about how Digitex manages to eliminate the transaction charges, it has created a token named DGTX, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is also the native currency of the exchange.

However, it has been officially stated by the platform that in order to avail commission-free transaction benefits, the users are required to have hold of the DGTX token as all the profits, losses, margins, and other account details are handled in the native token of the platform.

Know Everything About the Digitex Exchange

At the beginning of the year 2021, the platform started creating new DGTX tokens to cover the overall costs of operating the Digitex Futures Exchange. As per the revelations made by the exchange in their white paper, the costs included software development, staff, servers, premises, marketing, and support.

In addition to this, it should be noted that the availability of the DGTX token will be made 1 billion, out of which, 65% of the total coins would be available to trade for the public, 20% is dedicated to the Digitex Market Makers, 10% of the total supply of the coin goes to the team behind Digitex, and the last 5% to the referrals.

Concluding our article, we should lay an emphasis on the fact that the traders will be able to use the Digitex Futures Exchange without having to trust the exchange with their money and all of this will be done because of the decentralized smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain.

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