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Standard Chartered joins hands with Linklogis Inc. to launch blockchain trade finance platform


Olea, a true digital trading and financing origination and delivery platform, was recently unveiled by Standard Chartered and Linklogis as a strategic alliance. The service intends to connect investors looking for unconventional asset class possibilities with firms in need of supply chain funding. However, it is all subject to specific regulatory approval. Olea is set to be managed by SC Ventures and Linklogis and would be based in Singapore. Standard Chartered established a crucial position in Linklogis in January of 2020.

Olea, according to the founders, will provide clients with alternative investments that match their risk models. It will also give supply chain players of all sizes a much more open, faster, and painless way to get operating cash.

Standard Chartered is now the latest banking firm to join the Bitcoin mania in early June. It announced aspirations to open a trading and exchange network in Europe by 2021 just at the time.

The project will benefit the bank’s EU institutional clients, allowing them to exchange BTC, ETH, and other virtual currencies. It will be run by SC Ventures and BCTG in collaboration. Alex Manson, CEO of SC Ventures, believes that commerce, and thus trade funding, is critical for long-term wealth creation. It is especially true now, as organizations recover from the epidemic and shutdowns. He added that Olea is the future of supply chains, combining the abilities of Linklogis and Standard Chartered in this domain. It would help to provide clarity and threat evaluation of trade capital while meeting organizational search for alternative investing

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