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Startups Assisting Firm Sanctum Recently Showed Up at the AIBC Summit 2022 Event Held in Dubai

Through new technologies, affect investment opportunities, innovations, as well as business plans, Sanctum enable empowered companies. The company recently attended the AIBC Summit 2022 in Dubai.

Sanctum’s portfolio

Sanctum’s project portfolio spans the fields of technology, sport, healthcare, finance, as well as philanthropy.

Sanctum: Equity and Capital 

They use their flourishing Eco-system budget to help early-stage startups get off the ground and accomplish and maintain the transformative effect for the modern paradigm.

The global financial system is rapidly transforming the way, and our initiatives are key drivers of this transition by bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds.

They provide core services in the following areas:

  • Investing

Sanctum’s investment opportunities range from Emerging Technologies to Health coverage, Philanthropy, Mainstream press, as well as Real Estate.

  • Incubating

Sanctum has always been on the lookout for innovative major ventures that will recognize, create, and release innovative goods/processes that will have a significant impact.

  • Accelerating

Sanctum is committed to helping startups break into these evolving markets and providing strategic and tactical information and guidance.

Sanctum Media’s

Incubator projects in the Deep Tech, Crypto, as well as Blockchain space, can benefit from Sanctum Media’s inventive but also high-impact services.

Sanctum Technology 

The company’s cornerstone is a technology innovation firm that is at the forefront of the evolving technology industry.

They have a highly specialized and skilled in-house tech team that has worked with some of the world’s most prestigious tech firms. The mission is to create more Unicorns by providing white-label remedies.

The Deep Tech Forum, a Global Tech Community initiative with the perception of seamless collaborative efforts for the greater good of our upcoming generations, is among the most recent launches.

More than 5000 outstanding community leaders from various industries, including scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, as well as investors, are driving the Deep Tech Forum.

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